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For an individual


Temporary license based on the number of voice messages.

1 000 clicks* :
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10 000 clicks * :
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Final and permanent license: including application updates and enhancements

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FINAL PURCHASE + equipment 939 € TTC

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* *One click corresponds to the use of a clicked key (touched for vocalization) this key plays a voiced message from the application.

The rule is the following: 1 mail adress is linked to 1 Vocalyx licence upon 1 single device.

After purchase, the license will be automatically switched to temporary or permanent license and linked to the email address used for free trial.

4 payment options

By credit card

To pay from our online store: Go to the shop
In the application (via PlayStore or AppStore)
When your trial version has expired or since the logo of the home screen

Payment declined on the Play Store (Google Play)? We help you here.

By bank check
To the order of CAPANOVI: the mail should be sent to CAPANOVI, 74 rue corneille 78150 LE CHESNAY, FRANCE

Please attach the Name / First Name / e-mail check for the owner of the Vocalyx license.

Bank Transfer
On the following account:
Account number IBAN: FR 76 30004 00943 000100 84 755 09
Bank code: 30004 (BNP PARIBAS LE CHESNAY CITY) Code agency 00943 Key RIB: 09

Please fill in the fields of information complementary to the transfer provided for this purpose the Name / First name / e-mail of the owner of the license Vocalyx

Terms of sales

Request for support by the MDPH

You want to buy Vocalyx and get reimbursed by the MDPH:

Here is the application form for reimbursement by the MDPH that you must complete and send them (click here to get the MDPH form)

You can buy Vocalyx now and still apply for support so you do not have to wait for support and benefit from Vocalyx on a daily basis.

The payment interface is provided in the application and on the website vocalyx.com to pay by credit card. If however you wish to use another means of payment, see here the other possible modalities.

For Centres, associations or group purchases

On-site training courses for groups of at least 10 people.

Possibility to buy software + hardware (devices equipped with Vocalyx).

Preferential rates and partnerships available on request

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For professionals

In the course of modification, please refer to the rates for private individuals or contact us.

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Terms of sales