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Helping communicate in parkinson's disease with vocalyx

Helping communicate in Parkinson's disease with vocalyx

12h49 22/08/2018,

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If you are on this page, it is because you or someone close to you suffers from Parkinson's disease , a disease that has caused speech disorders and speech .

▸The effects of Parkinson's disease on speech

Speech disorders in Parkinson's are frequent, in fact from 60 to 80% Parkinson's sufferers have difficulties expressing themselves, especially at the joint level. Motor problems caused by the disease can affect the muscles needed for speech, called dysarthria.

Dysarthria has different symptoms that vary from patient to patient. Here are some recurring symptoms:

  • Weak or even inaudible voice, hoarse and nasal voice

  • Lack of clarity in the joint

  • Slow speech or the opposite acceleration of speech or stuttering

Lack of communication isol, annoys and depresses both the environment and the patient. Given that there are more than 4 million people affected by Parkinson's worldwide, a suitable and adaptable tool is a necessity to help communicate.

▸Digital for communication

Vocalyx is this computer tool adapted for communication aid for Parkinson'sians. It is an effective solution that can be used on tablets and smartphones that will use text, photos or pictograms (at the user's choice) as well as a synthesis that vocalizes the sound corresponding to the chosen text or image.

This tool was created by a specialized medical team (doctors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, cognitive scientists...) to be as effective as possible on several points

  • Facilitate communication with others on a daily basis

  • Customize the tool by taking pictures of others and objects and places on a daily basis

  • Repose the patient who gets very tired trying to talk and thus allows him to be much more understandable and understood when he wants to talk

  • Setting with anti-squirming action existing on the tool to compensate for possible patient support difficulties

  • Additional use of joystick, ball-pad or stylus

  • The possibility of creating your own training exercises

So don't hesitate to download Vocalyx, available on smartphones and Android tablets like Apple.

A free trial period without obligation exists, it costs nothing to try and it can only help you !


▸What daily actions can be taken to help the person with Parkinson's?

It is very important to pay attention to these few details to facilitate communication

  • Facilitate communication with those around you on a daily basis

  • Watch the person when they speak to show them that they are considered a member of the discussions.

  • Limit to the maximum brouhaha and background noises (music, TV, radio...).

  • Don't get annoyed in case of misunderstanding and make repeat, with tact, the parts of the message you didn't understand (for example by repeating what you understood to avoid making him repeat everything).

  • Privilege closed-ended questions

  • Use all communication tools that you can (computer tools, writing if possible...). Alternate between these tools and speech to avoid tiring the patient too much which would be even harder to understand.

  • Good use of Vocalyx, hopefully this can help you.