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Once again professionals satisfied with the adaptability of vocalyx and its ease of use!

Once again professionals satisfied with the adaptability of Vocalyx and its ease of use!

14h29 23/08/2018,

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On Thursday 17 May 2018, the Vocalyx team met several professionals at IMAD, Geneva's largest home support institution located in Geneva, Switzerland. This institution plans to equip its staff and residents with the Vocalyx application to facilitate communication between them.

▸Problems of communication between residents and caregivers within the IMAD

Among IMAD residents, many people have communication difficulties and are unable to speak, and therefore caregivers find it difficult to understand their needs and be able to help them. On the other hand, the residents have different nationalities and therefore speak different languages, which makes communication between them and the auxiliaries even more complicated.

▸Vocalyx intervenes !

In fact, Vocalyx can face any communication difficulty thanks to

Vocalyx has different special keyboards that are adapted to different situations and different profiles, among these keyboards: "Retirement home" and "Home help" which are keyboards relevant for IMAD. On the other hand, it is possible to easily customize these keyboards according to the needs of the IMAD, in order to adapt them to the different profiles of the residents, as it is possible to create new keyboards for particular cases.

As far as language barriers are concerned, Vocalyx has created keyboards currently translated into four languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and German), which are adapted to the different nationalities of IMAD residents. Each keyboard can be assigned the appropriate voice, which will allow foreign residents to express their needs easily and to communicate well with the auxiliaries.


▸Discover Vocalyx and its solutions at IMAD



The Vocalyx team organized a presentation and demonstration of Vocalyx at IMAD, during which she presented the application and its various functionalities to the professionals present, as well as the various solutions brought by Vocalyx to their communication problems.

The professionals were satisfied with the application and the different solutions: they believe that Vocalyx can really cope with all their communication difficulties and that the price remains reasonable for such an advanced application.



▸Another proof that Vocalyx's strong point is customization

In a few words, we can say that Vocalyx remains the most powerful application in terms of customization, because it can be adapted to any situation and any profile. It would therefore be an effective solution to the dual problem of communication within the IMAD thanks to its adaptability to the different profiles of residents.