Frequently Asked Questions


Pierre s.

The aphasia of Mr S. had serious consequences on his oral expression as well as his writing. As for many aphasic people, it was then very difficult to communicate with those around him. He now uses Vocalyx to express again his desires, his emotions, but also to exercise daily.

I can build with Vocalyx the exercises necessary for the rehabilitation of my aphasic patients according to their pathologies.

Christine Larroque is the orthophonist Pierre S.'s referent, specialized in neurology.

With Vocalyx, she accompanies Pierre in the creation of communication keyboards to develop the themes he wants to address, and sets up rehabilitation exercises in the applicationso that Pierre can continue the work at home.

Huge progress with Vocalyx. Why? Why? Because he was told that after a number of years there is no more progress possible, it is completely false. For me, there has been real progress and it seems to be accelerating.

Jean-Paul is a friend of Pierre. He notes Pierre's progress with Vocalyx, he can exchange again with him on their different centers of interest.

Giving Pierre a voice substitute again was a relief for him and his entourage: It is very satisfying when I work at home to hear him speak to Vocalyx. I also find that He works a lot, more and more

Monique, Pierre's wife, supports him in all his trials; she notes Pierre's pain at no longer being able to express himself as before and herself suffers from not always understanding him.