Frequently Asked Questions


Thanks to its adaptability, many users have found in Vocalyx a communication or rehabilitation tool that helps them on a daily basis.

These users do not all use Vocalyx for the same reasons and in the same way.

Find here some testimonials from people who use Vocalyx:

Thomas, Aphasic

Thomas, aphasic, can ask his mother to drink. He uses photos or pictograms to make his request. Through the Vo...


David, Plumber deaf

David is a plumber and works in a service company. Since he is deaf and cannot speak, he uses sign language bu...


Édouard, Trisomic

Hello, my name is Edward. I am 12 years old and I don't speak well, I live on weekdays in a centre and on Sund...


Maman d’Édouard, Young trisomic

I discovered the VOCALYX through friends. Edward's difficulties are mostly to make himself understood: sometim...

Maman d’Édouard

Nathalie, Speech therapist

Vocalyx recreates a rehabilitation dynamic with results in comprehension and sentence production. Example of a...


Gautier, Sociology student

Hello everyone, I'm Gautier, sociology student. Following a traffic accident (head trauma with coma right from...


Mélanie, Bmi

I use Vocalyx for efficiency: it is very fast and easy to vocalize! I bought the software and finally bought t...


Christine Larroque, Speech therapist

I can build with Vocalyx the exercises necessary for the rehabilitation of my aphasic patients according to th...

Christine Larroque

Jean-Paul, Friend of pierre s.

Huge progress with Vocalyx. Why? Why? Because he was told that after a number of years there is no more progr...


Monique, Spouse of pierre s.

Giving Pierre a voice substitute again was a relief for him and his entourage: It is very satisfying when I wo...


Pierre, Aphasic

The aphasia of Mr S. had serious consequences on his oral expression as well as his writing. As for many aph...