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Sociology student

Hello everyone, I'm Gautier, sociology student. Following a traffic accident (head trauma with coma right from the start) at the age of 18, it is impossible for me to pronounce words. I work well, and I use Vocalyx on Android on my wrist so I don't get cluttered, or on my PC to work. I had different vocal syntheses, these following my physical and intellectual evolution: Lightwriter, Synthé IV, Echo, Papoo-Touch. I finally found a fast device with a nice voice, I now use VOCALYX either in Windows or Android version. On Windows, the themes function of VOCALYX is super efficient, it allows you to prepare bits of sentences to send questions or my replicas with a click. It also allows me to prepare my presentations with text that I copy and cut into sentences without rewriting them. A plus: It has a phonetic keyboard. I used it to present my Master 2 thesis in sociology, I am currently pursuing my research by following a second year of doctorate. CAPANOVI has released the software version of Vocalyx on Android, it is finally possible to install them on Android tablets and phones. Mine is installed on the Galaxy S3 on which the keyboard is highly tactile, with a very powerful prediction both to finish the words and the next logical word. TROP BIEN! On my Androîd phone, I sometimes use a rather powerful and light wireless amplifier that I carry in a shirt pocket. I was able to present the Vocalyx at a trade fair in Barcelona, in English, I had my success! In short, I wonder how I would do without the Vocalyx to present my papers and thesis defense soon.