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Vocalyx founder confronts the aphasia situation in france

Vocalyx founder confronts the aphasia situation in France

12h07 27/08/2018,

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During of the fourth Groupama-Créateurs de confiance awards ceremony, Vocalyx founder Olivier de Masfrand, MD, spoke about the current situation regarding aphasia in France.

Today, many people suffer silently from aphasia, which stops them from being able to express themselves. These people are looking for a way to cope with their new disability and need a way to communicate like they could before.

The Vocalyx application helps these people by allowing them to express themselves efficiently through pressing buttons of images or phrases which are then vocalized for them through voice synthesis. This gives them a voice and the ability to communicate through texts, images and sound recordings.

In this sense, Vocalyx can be a voice for the 300,000 aphasic people who have been previously unable to express their ideas, their needs, their desires, and their feelings.

A stroke can happen to anyone at any age.

But what is aphasia? Two-thirds of aphasics experienced a similar situation: I had a stroke, and because of this I can only understand what I'm being told but I'm not able to say what I want in response. I accidentally say "yes" instead of "no" and "no" instead of "yes". I am sometimes mistaken for an intellectually deficient person, either in the community or sometimes even in my family, and because of this I tend to isolate myself in my room. Our idea with VOCALYX is to provide the means to communicate with talking keys, and for these keys to be customizable so that aphasic people can start leaving their rooms and their homes again to go interact with the community. For them, this increases self-confidence and self-reliance, and for their caregivers it increases their confidence in their ability to go out and buy some bread, go shopping, or go to the hairdresser. This is why we are confronting the effects of aphasia. There needs to be a major actor tackling this worthwhile subject, because it is the root of a considerable economic, social and human waste.