Frequently Asked Questions

Free trial

FREE TRIAL with all VOCALYX functions without limits regarding the number of devices !

You will not pay anything at the end of the trial if you do not choose to continue.

At the end of the trial, you are totally free to buy temporary use (no contract) or to buy the definitive version.

The Vocalyx application

Our application is usable on smartphone and tablet, to be able to accompany you daily.
It is not available in Windows version: PC nor tablet.

You will find Vocalyx on download platforms such as Google Play or the Apple store of your device:

Once the application has been downloaded and initialized, the communication keyboards do not require an internet connection to work . Conversely, the internet is essential for remote sharing functions such as sending text messages, downloading new keyboards or downloading our image banks.

Installation from A to Z

1Find the application in blinds

  • Open the download platform:
  • Type "Vocalyx" in the search bar
  • At this stage you have the choice between:

Install the version that suits you, by clicking « Install »

2Get the security code

Fill in the necessary information and get the security code

3Follow the user path

The Vocalyx application is designed to respond to twenty profiles, thanks to the many communication keyboards created by our team of specialists.

In order to have access to the most suitable communication keyboards for the user, it is enough to answer the few questions of the route.

Careful, help the application to help you!

We have provided questions precise depending on whether you are the user, a Vocalyx tuner for a loved one or finally a professional!

Follow the user path

The answers to this questionnaire allows you to:

  • A special selection of communication keyboards for the user (ex, find only keyboards for children)
  • Benefit from services and settings relevant to your profile

4Arrival in Vocalyx

After having answered the questionnaires, here you are on the Vocalyx home page with your selected communication keyboards in favorites directly accessible!

You have 200 free voice messages to try the application!

Follow the user path

5At the end of the trial period

Choose between the temporary purchase (reservation of vocalized messages) or the final purchase the solution that suits you best.

The temporary purchase is suitable for a temporary situation of communication difficulty or to try more deeply the application. The click of a key triggers the vocalization of the message by the speech synthesis or the audio recording and a click is counted.

According to the user, the frequency of vocalization of the messages can vary: 1000 clicks correspond on average to 1 month of use.

The temporary purchase can be repeated several times, while the final license allows a payment in 1 time.

Updates are offered in both cases.


You can buy directly without waiting for the end of the trial period by going to the home page of the application on the Vocalyx logo at the top left and click on «pay»:

The payment interface is provided in the application and on the website to pay by credit card. If however you wish to use another means of payment, see here the other possible modalities.

For more information on hardware (tablet, smartphone), payment or our different features: find your questions in our FAQ !