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Vocalyx allows its user to communicate via the synthesized voice (called speech synthesis) of your device. This voice can express messages prepared in advance or composed by the person themselves.

For this, you have access in Vocalyx to several Communication keyboards. These keyboards are composed of touches, associated with the messages that the synthetic voice will pronounce!

Here is an example :

Here is an example :
  • You will find your way to communicate among a wide choice of communication options: DISCOVER >
  • You will be able to adapt your communication tool according to the user's abilities: ADJUST >
  • You can customize Vocalyx with your photos, messages and preferences through our edit interface: PERSONALIZE >
I use a communication keyboard.
Here is an example :
I select a key.
Here is an example :
The message is read by the synthesis voice and is displayed in the read bar
Here is an example :

I'd like some bread

The reading bar
The button allows you to read or reread the message at any time

The button allows you to delete the elements in the read bar to start a new message.
Here is an example :

VOCALYX makes it possible to respond to very different and complementary contexts of conversation and re-education: they range from the most common and anticipated (libraries of pre-recorded and personal images for frequent use), to at least expected (the user writes on the keyboard the sentence he wishes to vocalize). Our tool and our image databases, the Vocalythèques, also allow us to offer you about twenty communication keyboards according to your preferences for children and adults.

All these features will make it easy for you to create your most suitable tool for vocalizeyour words, messages, and phrases at high speed!

Through the photos of the Vocalythèque

Through the photos of the Vocalythèque

centains of photos, sorted by categories or not, allow to compose very quickly sentences and exercises, simply by aligning them.

The photo format makes accessible communication to people with reading comprehension disorders, without infantilizing them.

Through the pictograms of the Vocalythèque

Hundreds of pictograms allow to illustrate words, verbs or emotions that would be more difficult to represent in photo. Some users will find themselves in these more refined and precise images, classified by themes or not.

Through the pictograms of the Vocalythèque
Via keyboards of different levels for <strong>children</strong>

Via keyboards of different levels for children

We have designed 4 communication keyboards for children with the ARASAAC image database, used by some orthophonists.

These pictograms are particularly well suited to the context of autism because the drawings are devoid of superfluous details that could distract the child from the concept to be communicated.

These keyboards, called "Elementaries", contain sentences from the context of the life of a child, all ready or to be composed according to the level.

The most : 1 click on a picto = 1 message to his entourage

Via sentences from everyday life

For repetitive conversations, in preparation for future exchanges or for a collection of exercises, you can create your own prepared texts, gathered or not by themes. To express yourself quickly and in complete autonomy at the doctor's, at the bakery, at work, at school, with friends, or to train at home, it's up to you to set the tone!

The most : Participate and be reactive in your questions and answers in the conversations with your entourage thanks to the various themes that we propose you and your own personalized keys !
Via sentences from everyday life

Try the application

Via free input

Via free input

A click in the read bar gives access to the AZERTY keyboard of the tablet ! Once in a keyboard, you can therefore compose or complete your messages at any time, and read them with the synthetic voice thanks to the PLAY button ►!

The most :
  • No need to write the whole word, word suggestion offers you above the keyboard a list of words from the first letters !
  • You can alter very easily from keyboard to images on the same screen. Compose your sentences without limits, directly in a situation!

Thanks to the designation on the image

You can open all images from the full-screen keys, thanks to a double click!

Whether you want to talk about a person, indicate an object at home or integrate any element in your exchanges, you can easily designate them on your visuals , and especially, precisely !.

Les plus : Your surroundings no longer need to guess what you are thinking, you can show them yourself.
Ex : "I show the clothes I am looking for".
Thanks to the designation on the image
Communicate remotely Communicate remotely

Communicate remotely

Once your messages are made up using images or text, Vocalyx can keep them as text and send them by mail or SMS. Ask to do a run, an information, or simply discuss, you can at any time interact with your relatives, your health professionals, or with artisans near you.

The most : whatever your agility and eloquence, nothing more prevents us from sending sms and mails !

The Vocalyx community

The many parameters of personalization allow you to create your own keyboards and save them!

If you are a user

The backup allows you to find your custom keyboards on all your connected devices (smartphone or tablet), but also to share with the community, if you wish, categories that you have worked[ex, a whole family to go to the bakery] and from which other people using Vocalyx could benefit!

If you are professional

Our options allow for example to create rehabilitation exercises that a patient can take home, or a keyboard dedicated to your hospital department. With a few clicks you can share these keyboards on our server and find them on the number of devices you want !

The most : the personal backup of keyboards on the tablet or an online storage space (dropbox, drive,..) and the proposal to share keyboards with the community, your entourage, your friends and your health professionals

Vocalyx is a communication application communication dedicated to people generally unable to communicate with their entourage.

We can identify three main types of communication disorders :

The 3 user profiles mentioned above can also present associated motor disorders (tremors, jerky movements) to which Vocalyx can adapt.

Thanks to the different communication keyboards of Vocalyx, your loved one can select a message to communicate, which will be read by the synthetic voice of your tablet or your mobile phone.

Our tool adapts to the profile of its user !

Language disorders : APHASIA

Your relative has a severe speech output disorder.

WITH some reading and writing difficulties, we have :

  • Keyboards all in images to express your needs :
    These images can be photos or pictograms according to the user's preferences.
  • Alphabetic keyboard in ABCD or AZERTY for word composition.

No difficulties of comprehension or written production, we have :

  • Keyboards in text format only : 200 prepared sentences sorted by discussion themes (Ex, Theme "I give my opinion", choice of sentences : "I really liked it", "It was funny", "I hated it", ...).
  • Access in all keyboards to manual input : azerty keyboard with word suggestion to quickly compose these messages and participate in discussion.
<strong>Language disorders :</strong> APHASIA

Vocalization disorders

Vocalyx is also interested in people who do not have language disorders but no longer have the means to emit a sound.

Our tool is thus intended for several cases: after throat surgery, cancer, joint disorder, paralysis of vocal codes, Parkinson's disease, sclerosis, or cerebral palsy.

The main interest of our application is then to restore the speech via the synthesized voice and to facilitate the communication thanks to the keys prepared upstream by Vocalyx and especially by you

In this context, we have :

  • Keyboards text format only : 200 prepared sentences sorted by themes of discussion (Ex, Theme "I give my opinion", choice of sentences: "I really liked it", "It was funny", "I hated it", ...).
  • Access in all keyboards to manual input : azerty keyboard with word suggestion to quickly compose these messages and participate in discussion.
<strong>Communication in children</strong>

Communication in children

With Vocalyx, your child can communicate with his entourage via adapted images !

You will find in our application a series of communication keyboards , called " elementary ", containing messages of a child's needs / desires in everyday life illustrated in pictures.

And above all, you have access to a database of over a hundred pictograms for children to create and customize your child's communication keyboard.

Vocalyx can therefore adapt to several child profiles :

  • Autism
  • Trisomy
  • Intellectual disability
  • Articulation problems
  • Paralysis of the mouth area

And more generally, to all children who are unable to express themselves.

Today, we offer 3 levels of progression in our communication keyboards for children :

<strong>Communication in children</strong>

Elementary 1

Composed of 40 images :

1 picture = one sentence

Categorization by themes possible

<strong>Communication in children</strong>

Elementary 2

Composed of 50 images sorted by categories :

1 picture = one sentence

Categorization by themes and Sentence composition possible

<strong>Communication in children</strong>

Elementary 3

Composed of 70 images sorted by categories :

Sentences to compose

Motor disorders

We have provided numerous settings to adapt to associated motor disorders, you can in your Vocalyx :

  • Enlarge keys
  • Set the pressing time on the keys: a person with motor problems or simply not used to the technologies will be able to use longer presses
  • Activate or Deactivate slip with finger to turn pages : it can be replaced by arrows
  • Switch on a joystick or trackball

These technical settings are part of a wide range of personalization.

Full customization is one of the strengths of our application: it is essential to find one's brands, family, interests and images in order to make the most of a communication tool.

Vocalyx is the only application with such a wide range of modifications and settings. You can customize the communication keys and keyboards themselves; but also the general parameters of the application :

Customize your communication keyboards

Add your photo keys, pictos or texts


You can add your personal photos (ex, the photo of a relative), or choose from our library of photos and pictograms Vocalythèque.

You can associate the key with a voice recording, or choose it to be read by the synthetic voice.

Aa You can modify the text associated with the key and differentiate between the text that appears at the bottom of the key (the title) and the vocalized text (ex, title bread / is vocalized : I would like bread) to simplify the user interface.

You can create text keys only, just do not add a photo to this key.

You can choose this key to become a " family key " to group your messages by themes, or set an full automatic screen (a click on the key = the image appears in full screen) useful to be able to point your finger at an element of the image.

Enlarge keys

You can choose to have very large as well as smaller keys by setting the grid size of your keyboard.


So choose your grid format, with very few rows and columns for large keys and vice versa :

Ability to adjust key size meets needs :

  • Visual deficits
  • Motor disorders
  • Attention Deficit Disorder

2 x 3


3 x 6

Create your communication keyboard

Our tools allow you not only to customize the communication keyboards already existing in Vocalyx, but also to create your keyboard from zero : you have all the keys in hand to create the keys adapted to the user (color, photos, pictograms, choice of the most important messages,...).

You can "shop" in the 2000 pictograms and the 1000 photos available in the Vocalythèque¸ in your application.

A list of keyboards is available to find Vocalyx keyboards, create your keyboards or download no more Vocalyx keyboards in our list of public keyboards available to all (ex, a special Hospital keyboard).

Choose your favorite keyboards

Among all the keyboards mentioned above, adjust your interface by selecting your favorite keyboards : thanks to a star system in the list of keyboards, choose which keyboards will be directly accessible on the home page.

Customize message display

In Vocalyx communication keyboards, the selected messages appear in the read bar. You can choose how this message appears to the user:

These options allow you to completely remove the playback bar, return to the image (displays only the image of the selected key), or as Image and Text, or Text only.

If you check the box " add text manually " it allows to activate or deactivate the possibility to click in the bar of reading to add text manually thanks to a keyboard AZERTY.

<i class='fa fa-eye icon' aria-hidden='true'></i>Customize message display

Save your customization work

To avoid losing your customization work, it is possible and recommended to use the backup function of your communication keyboards. Indeed, a bad manipulation is quickly arrived (uninstallation of the application, reset of the tablet, loss, theft,...).

By saving your work, you can :

  • Download custom keyboard(s) to all your devices
  • Find the keyboard(s) in case of loss

Customize your settings

The general settings are available on the home page of the Vocalyx application. They are designed to adjust down to the smallest detail the overall use of communication keyboards .

Modify gestures

<i class='fa fa-eye icon' aria-hidden='true'></i>Customize message display

For example, you can simplify the gestures on the touch screen, in the " Gestures " section :

  • Example 1, replace page to page dragging by clicking on an arrow
  • Example 2, replacing a quick and simple press with a long press for people with finger shaking

Adjusting the synthetic voice

The synthetic voice allows to read the messages, written in text, associated with the keys selected by the user (be they image or text keys) : it thus represents in a way the voice of the user.

You can set :

  • Its tonality (higher or lower)
  • His cadence (faster or slower)
  • His type: woman's, man's, girl's or boy's voice (If your tablet does not have this option we advise you to download the voice that suits you)
<i class='fa fa-eye icon' aria-hidden='true'></i>Customize message display

Protect custom keyboards

To simplify the use of Vocalyx by your child or the user, you can use a setting that allows a dedicated access only to the communication keyboards, Thus the control of the companion is possible thanks to a code needed to enter change orders and avoid unfortunate maneuvers that would compromise your custom work.