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"vocalyx is an excellent program for autistic children!

"Vocalyx is an excellent program for autistic children!

15h24 21/08/2018,

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These are the words of a teacher from Le Trèfle, a center for autistic children in Belgium. His remarks were made after he discovered the different features and strengths of the Vocalyx application during the training conducted by Capanovi, the Vocalyx association, on Friday, April 20, 2018.

▸Vocalyx in Belgium !

The center for autistic children Le Trèfle invited the Vocalyx team to show more about the application and its usefulness for autistic children.

A presentation was given by Dr Olivier De Masfrand, MD, founding director of the company, and Clémentine Garric, a specialist in cognitive science and developer of the application's communication and re-education content, during which they introduced the role of Vocalyx and trained teachers and parents on how to use its varying adaptable functions to communicate with children falling within the autism spectrum.

▸Vocalyx ! The application perfectly adapted for some autistic children

It should be known that Vocalyx is not only intended for people who cannot speak, but also for people who have difficulty expressing their ideas and feelings, like some autistic people.

Vocalyx's strong point is its ability to be personalized. Our tool is malleable and easy to use. You can create new communication keyboards with messages and photos specific to the user's daily wants and needs. Because it is customizable, Vocalyx can be adapted to any user and any situation.

With all its different features, its customizable keyboards, and its voice synthesis, the application can help autistic children express their feelings and needs easily.

▸Learning how to use Vocalyx

After the presentation, the Vocalyx team organized a workshop to give attendees the opportunity to use the application and test the different features themselves.

Each person had their own tablet accompanied by a detailed Vocalyx user manual. They ran through the application features as a projection demonstrated all the possible manipulations of the application.

Teachers and parents were able to start creating their own keyboards, and adjust the parameters of the synthetic voice, the key sizes, and the on-screen gestures of the tablet, as well as manipulate other features to facilitate the easy use of its future user(s). They were very satisfied with the straightforwardness of Vocalyx. According to them, the application is very simple to use for both the caregivers who customize the tool, and for the autistic children who use it to communicate.



Here are some testimonials from some of the people who attended the training. What did you like about Vocalyx?

Supervisor of TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children) at Tréfle:

...One strength that Vocalyx has...Would be when you go into the closet for example, for children it's very important because [with this] they can choose the clothes they want, because often children have to put on clothes they don't want to wear, and when they arrive [at Tréfle] they tear them up because they are not happy. So it is good for them to choose their clothes using this application, and it could contribute to the well-being of the child all day long.

Father of a young man with autism:

I am the father of a young man with autism who is 20 years old, and who has difficulty expressing his feelings, his pains, his emotion, and so an application like Vocalyx could help him in this sense to progress in his ability to tell us when he is in pain... I think an application like Vocalyx is perfect for that.

Tréfle Center teacher:

...What really got me about Vocalyx was the friendly aspect...[it is] very easy to use for the students...I think it's an excellent program for autistic children!